#1 Ramie harvest & Making Tae-Mosi

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#1 Harvesting ramie and making Taemosi

Ramie is being cultivated in Seocheon-gun Hansan-myeon.

It is characterized by its straight growth around the middle branch.

The fabric made using this ramie is called ‘Hansan mosi”.

The National Intangible Cultural Property No. 14 ‘Bang Yeon-ok’, named after the person who came out to harvest ramie.

Ramie that reaches human height is at best time for harvest.

Ramie is harvested by cutting the base with a sickle.

Ramie is stacked on top of each other in one place so that it is easy to carry later.

Ramie gives everything it has.

It gives everything like our mothers.

Harvested ramie is carried to a place where it can be processed.

Ramie leaves are removed from the stem.

The light-colored leaves and the flower buds

become colorful rice cakes and tea as deep as moonlight.

They contain the scent of nature and can clear our minds.

This is a ramie stem with all the leaves removed.

The stem’s cuticle is peeled off by breaking off the stem’s end.

The tired fingertips become dyed.

Many days, nights, and winds pass.

As the plant cuticles pile up, the heart accumulates as well.

This is peeled off ramie cuticle.

The outer cuticle is peeled off with a knife, leaving only the inner fiber.

After a long time, in silence,

A soft thread is created,

The processed inner fibers are collected and their upper parts are tied together.

‘Taemosi’ is dried under sunlight to let the color fade.

Slowly, many days later,

it becomes the color of the heart.

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