#3 Ramie hanging & Framing thread

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The bundle tied up into a cross shape is unraveled.

10 threads are put into each hole in the ‘Choseuldae’.

Rice bran and ashes are added to prevent the threads from tangling when they are pulled.

10 threads are held and put on the warp-adjuster.

The ramie-gut is unraveled while drawing the pattern of the heart.

The warp, divided into ‘Ingaol’ and ‘Saol’, are crossed on the hanging frame.

Ramie ply are continuously connected from each thread’s end.

Of the threads coming out of the ‘Choseuldae’,

each draws different patterns and gathers in one place.

The white hearts are gathered and suspended on the hanging frame.

Each thread comes back after tracing the heart’s imprint.

The rice bran’s status is checked constantly, and rice bran is added when necessary.

This is done to prevent the thread from tangling or breaking during hanging.

The ramie ply that comes along the way of the heart is held with the left hand

and hung using the index finger and thumb of the right hand.

If broken parts are found, they are immediately connected using saliva.

Until the predetermined warp thread length is reached

it repeatedly walks along the delicate heart.

When the hanging process is completed, the organized ramie ply is checked.

The ends are cut after checking the length of the heart.

The ply is taken from the hanging frame and rolled.

This is ramie after the process is completed.

The ramie ply is cut in half and crossed up and down.

The heald bar is put between the separated ply, and the knot is loosened.

Ramie ply is put one by one on the ‘body’.

This is the process that requires the most delicacy when making ramie.

Once a group is put in, the ends are organized by tying them.

The two ply threads divided into “Ingaol’ and ‘Saol’

meet as one heart in the ‘body’.

The ramie ply in the ‘body’ are organized by tying them together every now and then.

The unshakable heart is inserted in the ‘body’.

The constant number of the mind is laid.

The ramie is strengthened by tying together four ply threads

at the end part, as well as the first part of the ‘body’.

The heald bar is used to organize the gap between the ply on the other side of the ‘body’.

After the ramie ply is inserted until the end of the ‘body’, the stand is used to organize it again.

Ramie with the ‘body insertion’ completed

Ramie ply connected the house of the heart.

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