#4 Waxing ramie

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A furnace is prepared to be blazed in the traditional way.

Rice bran is prepared beforehand in the mill.

The rice bran is poured into the furnace.

Leaves are put in for use as tinder.

The tinder is put onto the fire.

Well-dried sesame stems are also put in the furnace to increase the flame’s intensity.

The fire is transferred stealthily to the rice bran below.

Rice bran keeps the fire burning for a long time.

The subtle heart adds to the heat.

Ingredients for making bean-grass (Bean flour, water, salt)

Bean flour and salt are mixed.

Water is added and mixed well.

The ramie bunch that was put in the body is readied.

The end of the ‘heald bar’ is attached to the ‘warp beam’

The heart is hung so that it doesn’t move.

The other end of the ramie thread is hung on the headstone.

The foundation stone is pulled to make the ramie thread tight.

The traditional furnace with fire still burning is placed at the bottom.

Bean-grass is put on the ramie brush and the ramie is tied.

Ramie tying attaches and organizes the disorganized and disheveled ramie thread.

It’s like putting wax on.

The ‘body’ is moved and the ramie thread line is organized.

The ‘warp beam’ is lifted to coil the thread line after each part is completed.

There is an inspection for broken parts.

When a broken part is found, it is twisted and connected using hands.

The heart is connected without a trace.

When the tying is repeated, the thread becomes organized.

Ramie thread is organized by tying it.

A warm heart, like the furnace fire, is permeated in the ramie thread.

The dried ramie thread is coiled around the warp beam.

The bean-grass in put on the thread so that lint doesn’t rise between the threads.

As the ‘body’ is moved, the beautiful texture of the heart surfaces.

The ramie thread is checked from hand-to-hand, to the heart.

A beautiful breath permeates it for a long time.

When the last part is completed, the connecting part is cut off.

The last part is tied into a knot.

The knot of the heart is not visible.

The last part is coiled to the ‘warp beam’.

The ramie brush is washed.

The ‘warp beam’ with ramie tying completed.

It is the thread of our hearts.

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